Ametrine has various two-tone tones

The name ametrine comes from the contraction of the names “amethyst” and “citrine”, given the two colors that this quartz brings together from the other two fine stones.

Ametrine is a two-tone variety of quartz, partly amethyst and partly citrine, it is a fine stone that comes mainly from Bolivia and Brazil.

Ametrine has various bicolor tones ranging from yellow colors to the lilac range, and deep purple.

The difference in coloring between the two parts of the stone is due to the different stages of oxidation of the iron present in the crystalline structure of the quartz.

The cut gem ametrine

It is a gem that is cut in such a way that its two colors appear, one next to the other, taking into account the color gradient in its transition zone.

The cut gem ametrine appeared in the 1980s, and has since experienced growing interest by gem collectors, but also among jewelry and jewelery professionals.