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Gem quality andalusite

Andalusite takes its name from the region of Andalusia in Spain where the first deposit was discovered near Almeria on the southern coast of the country. But we knew before, in Santiago de Compostela, one of its varieties the “chiastolite”.

Gem quality Andalusite forms prismatic crystals with blunt ends, this gem has the ability to present a strong trichroism observable with the naked eye which reveals three colors, ocher, olive green and brownish red.

In oval cut we can observe this phenomenon with in its center a color often yellow green and on the ends of the red.

Andalusite fine stone

Fine stone Andalusite is rare, other deposits exist, notably in Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Russia, Sri Lanka.

In lithotherapy, andalusite would have the ability to improve intelligence, problem solving and mental clarity.

This gemstone prized by collectors also finds its place in jewelery and jewelery for those of gem quality.