Fine stone aquamarine

Pliny the Elder wrote in the first century of our era, “The most beautiful beryls are those which imitate sea water” like aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstone is a gem of the beryl variety, it belongs, among others, to the same family as emerald, heliodor, and morganite.

This gem was the talisman of sailors who used it as protection against Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

The name of the aquamarine comes from the Latin “aqua marina” meaning “water of the sea”.

The most important aquamarine mines are in Brazil in many localities across the country and more precisely in the State of Minas Gérais, but other countries such as Madagascar, Nigeria, Mozambique or Zambia produce this magnificent fine stone.

Aquamarine Santa Maria

Fine stone owes its color to traces of iron present in its chemical composition, but the most sought after color is that of an intense and deep blue whose reference is the aquamarine “Santa Maria”, its price per carat is become very expensive.

Aquamarine is cut in all shapes, cushion cut, oval, rectangle with cut sides, round brilliant, pear, troidia.

In lithotherapy, aquamarine is associated with the throat and heart chakras, which it purifies and relieves, as well as relieving eye pain, blows, and varicose veins. It is the astrological stone of Aquarius, Pisces, and Gemini, finally, it would bring fidelity, calm and wisdom to the one who wears it.

This gem of the seas with exceptional blue color tones, like the Santa Maria aquamarine, remains a fine stone in high demand in jewellery, jewelery and fine jewellery.