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Emerald gemstone

The discovery of the emerald dates back more than 3000 years in Egypt, this precious stone owes its name to the Greek “smaragdos”, meaning “Green stone”.

It is known that Egypt at that time had large emerald deposits and it is said that the beautiful Cleopatra had her portrait engraved in an emerald.

The emerald is the most precious of the beryls, it is one of the four precious stones with the diamond, the ruby and the sapphire.

The most important deposits are in Colombia in the department of Boyacà for its famous mines of Muzo, Chivor, Coscuez.

In recent years, Brazil has become a major player in the production of high quality emeralds.

There are emerald deposits in other countries around the world, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

From the emerald garden to the jewel

The emerald regularly contains inclusions which are not faults if they are not too important and are a patent of authenticity of this gem.

The gemological merchant, the jeweler, the jeweler, call all of these inclusions, which are healing frosts, “the emerald garden”.

The color of the gemstone emerald “emerald green” is attributed to chromium, vanadium and iron.

Emerald is a coveted gemstone and holds an important place in the world of jewelry, jewelery and fine jewelry, for making exceptional jewelry.

In lithotherapy, the emerald would strengthen the immune system, its natural green “emerald green” makes it a gem of hope, love and wisdom.