Garnet Tsavorite

Gemstone tsavorite garnet

Its scientific name is “grossular garnet”.
Tsavorite is a variety of garnet from the grossular group, light green to intense green in color, this gem was discovered in 1974 in Tsavo National Park in Kenya by explorer Campbell R. Bridges (1938-2009) Kenyan gemologist of Scottish origin and which will give it its name.
Gem tsavorite garnet can be found in Kenya, but also in Madagascar, and Tanzania.
The color of the gem tsavorite garnet so intense comes from the addition of vanadium and chromium, it is a silicate of calcium and aluminum whose hardness is 7 / 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

Gemstone Tsavorite Garnet

The fine stone tsavorite garnet has an intense and brilliant green like an emerald, it is an extremely rare gem and therefore quite expensive, especially since most of these gems do not reach two carats and stones over three carats fetch very high prices.
Given its rarity and intense beauty, the price of fine stone tsavorite garnet per carat, but also in the face of strong Asian demand, continues to soar.
Tsavorite garnet, a coveted exceptional fine stone, delights jewelers and jewelers to enhance the most beautiful jewels.
Tsavorite is a variety of garnet, and is therefore traditionally associated with those born in January and the zodiac sign of Aquarius.