Moon Stone

Feldspar moonstone

Moonstone is a feldspar with lunar reflections, hence its name, consisting of a regular succession of layers of feldspar (lamellae), which give a pale luster reminiscent of that of the moon, a phenomenon called adularescence, which is a shimmer under the surface of the stone.
These shimmers have milky to bluish glows in combination with color plays ranging from milky bluish to golden yellow or even orange often at the periphery of the gem, and justify the name “rainbow” moonstone.
Moonstone is a feldspar anf fascinating to look at, it frequently presents a shimmering aspect, very rarely asterism. Natural stones usually show bubbles and cracks.

Gem moon stone

Gem moonstone deposits are found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, USA, India, Madagascar, Myanmar.
In lithotherapy, moonstone is considered the stone of fertility, it develops female fertility, it would be effective in moderating hormonal disorders. In addition to healing skin problems and calming digestive disorders, on a psychic and emotional level, moonstone wards off phobias and fears.
The gem moonstone has become popular in jewelery and jewelry, in all its forms, ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings.