Pink quartz

Pink quartz gem

Pink quatz is name “quartz” was introduced by Georgius Agricola (1494/1555) in 1529, a 16th century scholar considered the father of mineralogy.

Gem pink quartz is a very beautiful variety of quartz whose pink coloring sometimes has purple reflections.

This coloring of gem pink quartz is due to a small addition of manganese oxide in the presence of titanium.

In the cabochon-cut pieces, tiny needles of rutile cause a six-pointed asterism.

Pink quartz gemstone

 The most beautiful crystallized gemstone pink quartz comes from Brazil, other deposits are found in the United States, Madagascar, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Sri Lanka.

In lithotherapy, rose quartz is considered the stone of the heart, love and peace. It would have the ability to relieve physical ailments, such as heart problems. By its calming virtues, quartz would facilitate relations with others.

Apart from cabochon-cut gemstone rose quartz, only very clear raw rose quartz and then faceted into gemstone rose quartz can be used in jewelry and jewelry making.