Leek green prasiolite

Prasiolite is a leek-green quartz that takes its name from the Greek “prason” meaning leek and “lithos” stone.
Leek green prasiolite is an extremely rare mineral in its natural state because this mineral presented in gem quality is not formed by natural processes and it is not a variety of prase either.
Prasiolite, leek green and transparent, is obtained by heating to 650° C with purplish amethyst, or yellow quartz from Montezuma in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil near Vitoria da Conquista, State of Bahia .

Fine stone prasiolite

Although heat-treated, fine stone prasiolite remains rare because it is only obtained with this precise variety of amethyst and yellow quartz, even if other deposits of amethyst to be treated have been discovered in Arizona in the United States. United.
If natural prasiolite is very rare, fine stone prasiolite obtained by heat treatment of yellow quartz or amethyst is very popular with jewelers and jewelers.