Swiss Blue Topaz

Gem topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz.: Topaz is a mineral that contains traces of iron, chromium, magnesium and titanium, its hardness is 8 on the Mohs scale.

The main deposits are located in Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan.
Topaz with an intense blue color is often the sign of a treatment by heating or irradiation which does not represent any danger and makes it possible to give the gem a stability of its color which will not change over time.

London blue topazes and Swiss blue topazes fine stones

Deep colored blue topazes are artificially processed and have designations based on their colors.

London blue topaz is characterized by a darker color, a slightly smoky gray blue, while Swiss blue topaz is an intense bright blue. Everyone has their own preference.

The London blue and Swiss blue topazes are highly appreciated by connoisseurs because these fine stones make it possible to acquire, at an affordable price, a jewel set with a slightly smoky dark gray blue stone for one, and a bright and intense blue for the other.

London blue topazes and Swiss blue topazes in jewelry

The topazes presented in jewelery and jewelry are generally cut with degrees or scissors and those containing troublesome inclusions in cabochon.

The liveliness, hardness and affordable price of these topazes make them very popular and prized gemstones in jewelery and jewellery.
In recent years, jewelers and jewelers have fallen in love with this gem and regularly offer magnificent jewels set with London blue and Swiss blue in their collections, revealing the captivating and intense colors of these superb fine stones.


The Swiss blue topaz, is very appreciated by connoisseurs, these fine stones make it possible to acquire at an affordable price a jewel set with a blue stone.