Johnthom jewelry has a very particular specificity.

Innovative and exceptional, the mark of a creator, for good reason, each jewel made and each stone presented are unique.

Indeed Johnthom thinks that each person is unique, which is why he personalizes jewelry with exceptional and rare gems. In addition, Johnthom highlights French know-how, each jewel is entirely handmade in France by a master jeweler in his workshop. If you carry the values ​​of French know-how, you will like this brand. Each product is totally handmade with different fine, precious stones, whose creator is a recognized expert gemologist. Johnthom goes deep into Brazilian, Colombian and African mines, to find the most beautiful precious and fine stones. Johnthom stones are regularly used in his own creations.

For Johnthom, working in a short circuit is a guarantee of traceability, guarantee of the origin and purity of the stone. The quality of Johnthom Jewelry. The brand attaches great importance to the choice of materials. Indeed it selects only high quality gold, platinum, silver, the purity of precious metals is a guarantee of comfort for its customers, which is why its products are suitable for everyone, even the youngest. . A unique selection of jewelry for women and men. Jewelry Johnthom offers jewelry for women, men but also for young girls. On the website you will find rings, jewelry and precious stones, rare, for all budgets.

Johnthom jewelry, patents are filed for unique creations

Bijoux Johnthom now offers you a large selection of rings created by Jhonthom, patents are filed for unique, original and superb creations, they will magnify the hands of your loved one. Offer a unique jewel. If you want to offer your loved ones or buy for you, a unique jewel or a custom-made jewel, make a request to Johnthom via the website. Bijoux Johnthom takes into account your wishes and accompanies you in the process of creation and manufacture to obtain your unique jewel. Johnthom can imagine your jewel or make improvements to your different ideas. Today many customers have already trusted the brand and are very satisfied with the result.

For you or to offer, you will find your stone or jewel on the site This website is completely secure, in fact payments are secured via the stripe intermediary and shipments are secured via tracked letters. Your order placed, it is prepared with the greatest care and will be sent to you within a week. New products are available on the website every month. To be informed of news, promotions, sales or other events, join the community on Facebook and Instagram. New stones and jewelry are regularly released.

Come and discover this world of Johnthom gems and jewellery!