Pear-shaped amethyst, 12.98 carats, origin Brazil

Pear-shaped amethyst with a sparkling lustrous luster and deep crystalline appearance throughout the gem.

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According to Greek legend, it would be Dionysos, Greek god of the vine, wine and its excesses, who would have shed tears of wine on a colorless quartz statue and this is how he would have given this color a purple so characteristic of this gem.
Very beautiful amethyst that can be mounted in a superb pendant jewel.

Ref: Am37/1298B20
Weight: 12.98 carats
Size/Shape: Pear
Clarity: Transparent
Dimension: 21.90 x 12.88 x 8.64mm
Purple color
Hardness: 7 on Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Laboratory certificate: No
Certificate of Origin: Yes

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