Andalusite oval cut, 4.15 carats, origin Brazil

Andalusite of beautiful gem quality, its reddish brown olive color is significant to this gem which presents a deep crystallization.


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Andalusite forms prismatic crystals with blunt ends, this gem has the ability to present a strong trichroism observable with the naked eye which reveals three colors, ochre, olive green and brownish red.
It is a gemstone highly sought after by collectors.
The transparent variety which owes its name to the province of Spain is rare, it is used in jewelry for rings and pendants.

Ref: Anda75/415B17
Weight: 4.15 carats
Size/Shape: Oval
Clarity: Clear
Size: 12.48 x 8.90 x 5.92mm
Color: Olive brown red
Hardness: 7.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Certificate of origin: Yes

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