Chrysoberyls (pairing) round cut, 2 carats, origin Tanzania

Nice quality chrysoberyl pairing in round cut. Fine stones ideal for creating earrings.


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Nice quality chrysoberyl pairing in round cut.
Chrysoberyl or gold beryl is a fine stone known since Antiquity.
This fine stone takes its name from the Greek “khrusos” and “berullos” meaning “golden beryl”.
Ideal pairing of chrysoberyls for creating earrings.

Ref: Chry38b/2T19
Weight: 2 carats
Size/Shape: Round
Clarity: Clear
Size: 5.53-5.51mm x 3.96mm/5.43-5.31mm x 3.82mm
Color: Yellow green
Hardness: 8.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Tanzania
Certificate of origin: Yes

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