Rectangle-cut emerald with cut sides, 2.20 carats, origin Brazil

Rectangle cut emerald with cut sides, perfect crystallization for a bluish green color with a luminous shine.


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The discovery of the emerald dates back more than 3000 years in Egypt, this precious stone owes its name to the Greek “smaragdos”, meaning “Green stone”.
We know that Egypt at that time had large emerald deposits and it is said that the beautiful Cleopatra had her portrait engraved in an emerald.
Magnificent emerald presented here of 2.20 carats, which will undoubtedly end up set in a superb high jewelry jewel.

Ref: Em69/220B19-20
Weight: 2.20 carats
Size/Shape: Canted Rectangle
Clarity: Clear
Size: 8.02 x 8.25 x 4.03mm
Green color
Hardness: 7.5/8 on Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Laboratory certificate: No (on request)
Certificate of origin: Yes

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