Fabulite, brilliant cut diamond 1.38 carats, origin France

Fabulite of excellent quality, synthetic diamond imitation stone which has become rare today.


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The name “fabulite” is the trade name for this diamond substitute from the years 1955 to 1970.
Fabulite has a much stronger fire than diamond for very close refractive indices, 2.417 for fabulite versus 2.41 for diamond.
All our fabulites, prized by collectors and presented on this page, are of excellent quality.
Thanks to its dazzling lights, the fabulite, a diamond imitation stone, can be made into a magnificent jewel.

Ref: Fab326/138F18
Weight: 1.38 carats
Cut/Shape: Brilliant Diamond
Clarity: Clear
Dimensions: 6.02 – 5.97 x 3.32mm
Color: Brilliant Diamond
Hardness: 5.5/6 on Mohs scale
Origin: France
Certificate of origin: Yes

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