Pyrope garnet, troidia cut, 1.60 carats, Madagascar origin.

Pyrope garnet of good quality, with a flamboyant and deep red for an original size of troidia shape.


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Madagascar, an island of exceptional geodiversity, is a wonderful source of many varieties of garnet, including pyrope garnet.
The intense red color of pyrope garnet is due to the presence of chromium.
Let yourself be enchanted by the charm and elegance of this fine stone.

Ref: Pyr205/160M18
Weight: 1.60 carats
Cut/Shape: Troida
Clarity: Transparent
Dimension: 7.10 x 6.74 x 4.16 mm
Color: Red
Hardness: 6.5/7.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Madagascar
certificate of origin: yes

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