Rhodolite garnet, cushion cut, 8 carats, origin Tanzania.

Cushion rhodolite garnet, purplish-red in tone, for a deep, crystalline radiance.


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Gem Rhodolite Garnet is the natural blend of Pyrope and Almandine Garnet.
The name of rhodolite comes from the Greek “rhodon” for rose and “lithos” for stone.
Discovered in North Carolina in 1882, rhodolite was named after gem expert George Kunz (1856-1932).
Dare the charm and nobility of this gem used and shaped since antiquity.

Ref: Rho245/8T18
Weight: 8 carats
Size/Shape: Cushion
Clarity: Clear
Size: 11.97 x 10.62 x 6.64mm
Color: Red purple
Hardness: 6.5/7.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Madagascar
Certificate of origin: Yes

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