Rhodolite garnet, oval cut, 0.95 carat, origin Tanzania.

Oval-cut rhodolite garnet with a purplish-red complexion. Luminous fine stone for a flamboyant and deep radiance.


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In the past, great travelers wore garnets supposed to guarantee a trip without hazards because garnet was attributed a protective power.
Its intense color makes this stone a gem appreciated for its transparency and brilliance.
Fine stone that can be mounted in jewelry.

Ref: Rho239/095T18
Weight: 0.95 carat
Cut/Shape: Oval
Clarity: Transparent
Dimension: 6.66 x 5.76 x 3.10 mm
Color: Violet red
Hardness: 6.5/7.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Tanzania
Certificate of origin: yes

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