Moonstone, oval cabochon cut, 0.55 carat, origin Madagascar

Moonstone with a bluish white color, oval cabochon cut with a shimmering appearance.


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Gem so named because of its color, a milky white tinged with blue.
Moonstone is a feldspar with lunar reflections, hence its name, phenomenon called adularescence.
Gem regularly worn in jewelry for its virtues in lithotherapy or simply for fashion.

Ref: PL121b/055M18
Weight: 0.55 carats
Cut/Shape: Oval cabochon
Clarity: Translucent
Size: 5.80 x 5.18 x 2.69mm
Color: Bluish white
Hardness: 6/6.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Madagascar
Certificate of origin: Yes

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