Pear-shaped moonstone, 12.45 carats, origin Brazil

Moonstone in pear briolette cut in a bluish white color with a shimmering appearance on the entire gem.


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Moonstone is a mineral belonging to the feldspar family. It is mainly composed of albite and two types of feldspar, orthoclase and albite. Moonstone is distinguished by its shimmering sheen, called adularescence, which creates a soft play of color when exposed to light.
Fine stone that can be mounted in a magnificent pendant jewel.

Ref: PL195/1245B23
Weight: 12.45 carats
Size/Shape: Pear
Clarity: Clear
Size: 19.53 x 13.66 x 9.45mm
Color: Bluish white
Hardness: 6/6.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Certificate of origin: Yes

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