Pear-shaped moonstone, 12.50 carats, origin Brazil

Moonstone in pear briolette cut of bluish white color and shimmering appearance on the whole gem.


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Moonstone belongs to the feldspar family, it offers various background colors, with lightly colored glows.
It is a gem that has effects of adularescence, which means in mineralogy and gemology, a shimmer under the surface of the stone, due to interference at the interfaces of the internal layers.
It is a fascinating stone to look at, because it has bluish, yellow, green or red metallic reflections when moved in front of the light. This optical phenomenon is called labradorescence.

Ref: PL198/1250B23
Weight: 12.50 carats
Size/Shape: Pear
Clarity: Clear
Size: 19.49 x 13.49 x 9.42mm
Color: Bluish white
Hardness: 6/6.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Certificate of origin: Yes

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