Opal, oval cabochon cut, 0.70 carat, origin Australia

Translucent oval cabochon opal of good quality, with a predominant green color and remarkable iridescent reflections.



The particularity of opal is its iridescence, that is to say iridescent reflections reminiscent of the rainbow, these reflections change according to the angle of vision.
Opal always contains a little water from 3% to 9%, but can reach 30% depending on the variety.
There are no two identical opals, each opal is unique with its own fire.

Ref: Op259/070A18
Weight: 0.70 carats
Cut/Shape: Oval cabochon
Clarity: Translucent
Size: 7.15 x 5.17 x 3.31mm
Colour: Polychrome Green
Hardness: 5.5/6.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Australia
Certificate of origin: Yes

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