Rock crystal quartz, pairing, 48.75 carats, Brazil

Pairing of rock crystals of exceptional quality, these two rock crystals are specially intended for jewelery and jewelery for a magnificent jewel in the making.


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Sculpture work by Brazilian designer artist Ronaldo Barbosa, whose works are regularly exhibited in the United States, Los Angeles, Denver, Nex-York, Tucson, but also in Canada, China, Australia and South America.
Rock crystal is regularly prized in jewelery and jewelry, especially for those with exceptional gem qualities, because it is relatively rare to be able to find it without an inclusion.
This fine stone is associated with all types of metals in jewelery and jewelry.
Fine stones that can be mounted in beautiful earrings.

Ref: CR74/4875B22
Weight: 48.75 carats
Size/Shape: Carved pyramid
Clarity: Clear
Dimensions: 44.50 × 9.50 x 9.50 mm (2)
Color: Colorless
Hardness: 7 on Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Certificate of authenticity: Yes
Certificate of origin: Yes

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