Oval-cut ruby, 0.45 carat, origin Sri Lanka

Oval ruby with a flamboyant perennial red luster, with a deep crystalline appearance on all of its facets.


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Corundum rubies and corundum sapphires are the hardest minerals after diamonds, their hardness varies according to direction.
The color and nature of the inclusions of the corundum ruby give an indication of its geographical origin.
Ruby with a deep luster that can be mounted in a pleasant jewel to wear every day.

Ref: R170/045B22
Weight: 0.45 carats
Size/Shape: Oval
Clarity: Clear
Size: 5.58 x 4.22 x 1.82mm
Red color
Hardness: 9 on Mohs scale
Treatment: Heated
Origin: Sri Lanka
Laboratory certificate: No
Certificate of origin: Yes

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