Rubí talla ovalada, 0,70 quilates, origen Tailandia

Oval ruby of perfect crystallization for a flamboyant perennial red radiance both on the table and on the slide.


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Oval cut ruby, 0.70 carat, origin Thailand
The inclusions of the ruby, minerals, channels or liquid inclusions, provide many indications on its type of deposit.
The most important deposits of ruby corundum are located in Myanmar, Thailand, (Siam), Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Mozambique.
Precious stone with the perfect deep bright red tone for a superb ruby jewel in the making.

Ref: R168/070B22
Weight: 0.70 carats
Size/Shape: Oval
Clarity: Clear
Size: 5.76 x 4.42 x 2.65mm
Red color
Hardness: 9 on Mohs scale
Treatment: Heated
Origin: Thailand
Laboratory certificate: No
Certificate of origin: Yes

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