Pentagonal rutilated quartz, 52.10 carats, origin Brazil

Pentagonal rutilated quartz composed of several yellow to brown rutile crystals that intertwine in its structure, everlasting crystalline luster throughout the gem.


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Rutilated quartz is a fine stone that captivates with its singular beauty.
It is a gem that owes its name to the rutile crystals that are intertwined in its structure, giving it a dazzling shine.
This translucent or transparent mineral has golden, brown or red rutile needles inside.
A rutile needle in a gem refers to a natural inclusion of titanium oxide crystals, called rutile, within a gem. Rutile is a mineral that occurs in the form of fine needles or elongated crystals of a golden, reddish or brown color.
Fine stone that can be mounted in jewelry.

Ref: QR233/5210B23
Weight: 52.10 carats
Size/Shape: Pentagonal
Clarity: Clear
Size: 28.18 x 27.51 x 11.27mm
Colour: Polychrome
Hardness: 7 on the Mohs scale
Origin: Brazil
Certificate of origin: Yes

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