Oval cut sapphire, 1.20 carats, origin Sri Lanka

Resplendent, crystalline sapphire all over the gem, straight growth areas visible, a sign of a natural stone.


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From Antiquity to the Middle Ages, sapphire was most often understood as lapis lazuli.
Around 1800, it was discovered by Jacques Louis de Bournon (1751-1825), a 19th century French mineralogist and crystallographer, that sapphire and ruby were varieties of corundum.
Very pretty sapphire with bluish growth zones that can be mounted in a very beautiful jewel.

Ref: S160/120B22
Weight: 1.20 carats
Size/Shape: Oval
Clarity: Clear
Size: 7.23 x 5.78 x 2.85mm
Blue color
Hardness: 9 on Mohs scale
Processing: No
Origin: Sri Lanka
Laboratory certificate: No
Certificate of origin: Yes

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