Oval Cut Tanzanite, 2.07 carats, from Tanzania

A sparkling blue-violet Tanzanite with a deep, brilliant crystalline luster across all facets of the gemstone.


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Tanzanite is a gemstone of rare beauty that has gained popularity since its discovery in 1967 in Tanzania. The name “Tanzanite” derives from its origin in Tanzania and was coined by the New York jeweler, Tiffany.
Tanzanite is known for its trichroism, a property that allows it to display different colors depending on the viewing angle. From sapphire blue to amethyst violet, this variation in hues gives the stone a unique brilliance under light, adding a fascinating dimension to its appearance.
Tanzanite has become extremely popular in the field of jewelry.

Ref: TZ258/207B23
Weight: 2.07 carats
Cut/Shape: Oval
Clarity: Transparent
Dimensions: 9.35 x 7.41 x 4.29 mm
Color: Blue-violet
Hardness: 6.5/7 on the Mohs scale
Origin: Tanzania
Certificate of Origin: Yes

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