Imperial Topaz, antique rectangle cut, 2.85 carats, origin Ouro Preto Brazil

Rectangular imperial topaz with a slightly pinkish purple tone, this Portuguese-cut gemstone has a lively and sparkling reflection.


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Imperial topazes with shades of pink, orange, cherry, red, purple, are truly exceptional and increasingly rare in Ouro Preto, a municipality of Minas Gérais in Brazil, recognized worldwide for the quality of its unique topazes in the world.
Flamboyant fine stone that can be mounted in a magnificent jewel.

Ref: TI88/285B20
Weight: 2.85 carats
Size/Shape: Rectangle
Clarity: Clear
Size: 13 x 5.99 x 3.55mm
Purple color
Hardness: 8 on Mohs scale
Processing: No
Origin: Ouro Preto Brazil
Laboratory certificate: No (On request)
Certificate of origin: Yes

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