Round brilliant cut Paraíba tourmaline, 0.90 carat, origin Brazil

Paraíba tourmaline exceptional for its deep and vivid electric bluish green color, its vibrant crystalline luster is absolutely sparkling on all of its facets.

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Paraíba tourmaline takes its name from the state of Paraíba in Brazil where it was discovered in the late 1980s.
It is a very rare gemstone that exhibits deep, vivid colors that range from neon blue to electric green.
Due to its rarity and exceptional beauty, Paraíba tourmaline fetches high prices in the market.
Paraíba Tourmaline is a highly sought after gemstone for collectors, jewelry enthusiasts and jewelers around the world.

Ref: TP263/090B23
Weight: 0.90 carats
Cut/Shape: Shiny Round
Clarity: Clear
Size: 6.12 – 5.97 x 3.88mm
Color: Blue green neon
Hardness: 7/7.5 on Mohs scale
Origin: Paraíba Brazil
Laboratory certificate: No
Certificate of origin: Yes

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