John Thom is the fruit of a passion, that of gemstones, but also high jewelry creation and a taste for adventure.

Expert gemologist graduated from the National Institute of Gemmology in Paris whose spirit is to satisfy with the utmost seriousness all buyers, whether individuals, professionals, collectors or investors.

After a solid training in the Jacquemart expertise firm, gemology and exceptional jewelry, John Thom stones are present in very high jewelry and on the most prestigious market places in the world.

An experienced and internationally recognized trader, John Thom personally selects precious and fine stones from the four corners of the world, South America, Africa, Asia, directly and without intermediary.

Regularly, John Thom goes to the foot of the mines or to international markets and counters to buy raw or faceted gems as close as possible to production.

Passion, but also requirement, which is that of a responsible economy, as such, no purchase of gems is possible whose origin would not respect human and environmental values.

All John Thom stones have a history and traceability, and like the diamond for the Kimberley Charter, no compromise is accepted that would be contrary to these values.

Another aspect of John Thom’s work is expertise with transportable laboratory equipment or internal laboratory, hydrostatic balance, dichroscope, Chelsea filter, binocular microscope, microscope camera, spectroscope, polariscope, refractometer, reflectometer, UV VIS PIR spectrometer, photo laboratory.

John Thom responds to any request for expertise following which a detailed laboratory certificate is issued.

Aware that gems have a cost and to allow the acquisition of a precious or fine stone, it is regularly offered the possibility of payment methods from a certain amount and volume for professionals.

Finally, within the framework of the John Thom international tours, whether you are an individual, a professional, a jeweler, a collector or an investor, do not hesitate to find out about your wishes and your budget.

For any other question, John Thom remains at your entire disposal to satisfy you as best as possible.

John Thom